Beer Distribution

The Distribution warehouse controls are designed to maximize controlled environmental warehouse (CEW) requirements. The energy savings features provide rapid return on control investment while the extensive logging features automatically capture all aspects of your refrigeration system.


  • Full featured Beer Distribution Warehouse Control with Energy Management Features
  • Panel Configurations:
    • Ten (10) CEW Units and Two (2) Draft Coolers
    • Twenty (20) CEW Units and Four (4) Draft Coolers
  • User Configurable for CEW Name, Defrost Type and Temperature Sensor Assignment
  • Most Informative Logging System in the Industry Which Records all Temperatures, Alarms and Failures
  • NEMA 4 Enclosure: 48”H x 30”W x 8”D

Standard Control Features

  • Support for Air or Electric Defrost
  • Air Unit Fans may be set to Cycle with Temperature for Energy Savings
  • Programmable Fan-On Delays, Fan-Off Delays and Fan Sampling
  • Override Commands – Cooling, Stop, Max Cool, Defrost, Stop Defrost and Pump-Out
  • User Programmable Staging Control For Bringing Zones Back On-Line After a Power Failure
  • To Reduce Demand Spike and Lower Energy Costs
  • Monitoring of Compressor Motor Starter Auxiliary
  • Humidity Sensor Monitoring and Logging for both the CEW and Draft Cooler Areas
  • Ambient Air Temperature Monitoring and Logging

Defrost Features

  • Defrost Scheduling Using Liquid Feed
  • Runtime or Time Of Day with a Weekly
  • Schedule and Three (3) Daily Defrost
  • Schedules Each with Eight (8) Time Slots
  • Support for Defrost Terminate Input
  • Ability to Terminate Defrost Manually
  • User Programmable Defrost Queue Limits the Number of Zones Allowed to Defrost at the Same Time

Energy Saving Features

  • Each Zone has Twelve (12) Programmable Setpoint Groups (Cooling, Deadband, High and Low Alarm Setpoints)
  • Support Monthly Scheduling Temperature Setpoint Requirements
  • Support for Product Temperature Probes for each CEW and Draft Cooler Zone
  • Customizable Zones are Associated with Product Probe
  • Peak Hour Schedule Feature on CEW Zones Switches Control to Product Temperature
  • Probes During On-Peak Periods. Allows the Warehouse Temperature to Float and Maximize Energy Efficiency while Preserving Product Integrity
  • kW Monitoring and Logging of a kWh Pulse Input