Industrial Controls

M&M Systems has been developing OEM control solutions for the industrial refrigeration market since 1991. Through a close working relationship with our OEM clients, we have developed a scalable industrial refrigeration control solution. The product line is broken down into three main product groups which allow us to meet our customer’s various performance and budget needs. We offer hardware and software solutions specific to our customer’s needs and readily expandable for future growth.

The main industrial refrigeration product groups are as follows:

Control Philisophy

M&M Systems supplies reliable turnkey microprocessor-based plant control systems and equipment controllers. The software for every control system undergoes full functional testing before it leaves our facility and our configuration management system ensures that every system we sell is fully maintained and backed-up. Our approach across all product lines is to provide the most reliable control system possible with all of the features necessary for cost-effective control of the refrigeration plant with a focus on energy savings.

Our product line is based on proprietary microprocessor hardware to allow for a core set of common benefits to be designed into every product as follows:

  • A high level of consistency in the user interface
  • Data logging
  • Stand alone design independent of a PC
  • Interchangeable parts
  • Expandable to support future expansion
  • Backward compatible hardware design
  • Support for open communications protocol

Software Approach

Our microprocessor panel software is built around a core infrastructure; data display screen navigation, alarm processing and the logging of data are standard features in every microprocessor we produce. Each software function is easily adaptable to meet our customer’s needs. This approach allows us to deliver a control system product with a common look and feel, software that is fully tested, the ability to support all levels of facility complexities and provide a system to meet any budget. In addition to control panels M&M Systems offers a Windows-based PC Monitor product which allows for viewing, reporting and graphing of all control panel data on a PC.

OEM Products

Close collaboration with the M&M Systems engineering staff will economically meet specifications, delivery times and pricing requirements of today’s more competitive markets.