Blast Freezer Control

Blast Freezer Control


  • User programmable blast runtime length.
  • Manual start or automatic start based on user programmed start time and day of week.
  • Blast freezer can be set to stop, defrost then stop, or hold at end of blast runtime.
  • Priority defrost allows a blast zone to be the next zone allowed to defrost.
  • Blast operating state can be overridden by the user.
  • Blast staging to provide a programmable delay between multiple blast cell starts


  • Demand defrost based on temperature differential across coils or fan motor current.
  • Ability to display blast runtime either counting up or down.
  • Priority defrost of zones based on user issued command.
  • Blast termination based on product probes
  • VFD fan control based on user defined fan speed profile/schedule

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