Condenser Control

Condenser Control


  • Programmable pressure setpoint, deadband, and bandwidth.
  • User configurable lead list for the fans and pumps may be modified at any time.
  • Hot lead list change allows for smooth transitions when changes are required
  • Stages may be temporarily removed from the lead list at any time.
  • Programmable normal and fast staging delays for quick response.
  • Support for two-speed fans. Lead list for two-speed fans is operator selectable to allow staging of all low speed fans first followed by the high speed fans.


  • Support for variable speed fans or pumps using Auto tuning PID control. Each fan is started as needed at user defined minimum speed.  The speed of all of the fans is then varied as required.
  • Wet bulb control option.
  • Non-condensable calculation and alarm monitoring.
  • Summer/Winter lead lists which can be automatically selected based on ambient air temperature or at a scheduled time.
  • Condenser pump shutdown based on user defined conditions
  • Shell-and-tube condenser control.
  • Condenser scheduling with defrost setpoints.
  • Condenser shutdown based on user defined conditions.

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