Data Logging

Data Logging


  • Operation log which displays a list of the system’s operating conditions for the last hour, at 30 second intervals.
  • Trend log which displays the same system operating conditions as the operation log but allows the user to define the recording interval value (default is 15 minutes) and has a limit of approximately 200 recorded data entries.
  • Alarm log which is a record of the last 100 system alarms.
  • Failure log which is a record of the last 100 system failures.
  • User log which is a record of the last 50 users logged onto the system including location of log on.
  • Any system alarms or failures are also inserted into the operation and trend log at the time they occur regardless of the log’s recording interval.


  • User defined custom logs to store data on anything from number of times a valve opened to the KW electric cost over a period of time.
  • System logging maintains all system status information and can be down loaded to the PC for viewing

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