Pump Package Control

Pump Package Control


  • Up to five (6) discrete liquid level float switches (LLCO, LLA, OP1, OP2, HLA, and HLS).


  • Analog continuous liquid level sensor with programmable setpoints for HLS, HLA, OP1, OP2, LLA, and LLCO levels and their individually programmable deadbands.
  • Up to two (2) liquid feed solenoid valves with one or two independent level control setpoints.
  • Operation of liquid feed solenoid valves based on liquid level.
  • Up to five (5) pumps with auxiliary contacts.
  • Automatic starting of back-up pumps based on lead pump failure.
  • When no compressors are available, the pumps may be set to stop and the liquid feed solenoid may be closed.
  • Pumps can be set to restart automatically after a power fail reset with a user programmable maximum down time.
  • Pumps can be set to stop when no liquid is required by the zones.
  • Pumps are always stopped during a low level cut-out condition and only allowed to re-start after the operating level is reached.


  • Modulating liquid solenoid using auto tuning PID algorithm
  • Optional liquid temperature sensor.
  • Optional pump suction and discharge pressure sensors.
  • Anti-cavitation logic based on pump discharge pressure
  • Compressors can be stopped via communications when a HLS condition occurs.

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