Energy Focus

All of M&M Systems’ control products are designed with a focus on energy savings, offering a significant reduction in power usage without sacrificing temperature control to provide a rapid return on your investment.

Based on past experience, our control systems have shown power savings up to 25% over electro-mechanical controls and simple PLC systems.  By utilizing optional energy management features and VFDs, a properly tuned M&M control system has been able to save an additional 10%.

But the number one energy management tool is people. Without the proper visualization into the system, such as real-time monitoring, it is difficult to make decisions. Our controls systems provide the needed information and have automation for when the operator is not available.

Some of the available energy management tools built into our control products include:

  • VFD compressor motor control
  • Compressor Sequencing
    • Compressor lead list management
  • Condenser
    • Floating head pressure
    • VFD Fan control
    • Pump and fan management
  • Evaporator
    • Set point scheduling
    • Defrost management
    • Fan cycling and sampling
    • VFD Fan control
  • Shifting load to off peak times
  • Thermal energy storage
  • Real-time kW monitoring
  • Evaporator load shedding for kW demand limiting
  • Automated power curtailment

Energy Savings Calculator

Disclaimer: This calculator is just for estimation purposes. Actual savings are dependent on many factors.