Commercial Refrigeration Controls

M&M Systems has taken its proven, reliable industrial control systems and retooled them for two key commercial markets:  ice rink controls and split package refrigeration systems.  We use a combination of fixed and expandable I/O platforms to satisfy the needs of a wide range of customer performance and budget needs.

Configurability and optional features are built-in at the product level so we can satisfy system requirements without the need for custom design every time.  The software for every system is fully configured and undergoes full functional testing before it leaves our facility.  Our approach ensures a reliable and easy-to-use system with all features necessary for efficient control of the refrigeration plant and a focus on energy savings.

Ice Rink Control Systems

M&M has been building and fielding packaged ice rink controls since 1998.  We have worked with dozens of municipal, educational, and private customers to provide reliable and efficient equipment and controls covering all aspects of ice generation and floor temperature management.  Our facility planner tool allows the rink operator to schedule floor temperatures and lighting for different activities up to a year in advance, taking the guesswork out of the operation.

Our standard controls package covers single to multi-rink applications and includes controls for the refrigeration plant, subfloor warming, exhaust/ventilation systems, snow melt pumps, and lighting.


  • Reliable, long-life microprocessor-based control system
  • Single or multi-rink operation
  • Local LCD graphic display and keypad
  • Local and remote access using PC Monitor Enterprise
  • Detailed logging and alarm reporting
  • Floor temperature monitoring via embedded or infrared temperature sensors


  • Compressor sequencing for efficiency and energy conservation.
  • Condenser staging and Chiller control
  • Compressor and jacket cooling pump control
  • Ice temperature and lighting event scheduling
  • Subfloor warming, snow melt pump, and exhaust fan control
  • Optional facility interface using BACNet or Modbus


Split Package Refrigeration Systems

M&M has taken our knowledge in industrial refrigeration controls and adapted it for a single unit Split Package Control System.  The Zone control philosophy is right out of our advanced industrial control systems with liquid feed runtime defrost, room temperature setpoint scheduling, fan cycling with temperature, and even a fan sampling feature to periodically mix the air in the room to determine if cooling is actually needed.

These units are off-the-shelf and can be field-configured for several different options.  You can connect a number of these together to a PC Monitoring system with an Ethernet connection or serial connection.  Our PC Monitor Enterprise software package provides visualization at the floor level of your facility showing room temperatures and evaporator/compressor status.  Nothing is left out of our top-of-the-line PC monitoring package, including scalable vector graphics, Setpoint Save & Restore, Reports, Graph Plotting, and email alarm notification.


  • Reliable, long-life microprocessor-based control system
  • Single unit control with up to two fans
  • Compressor monitoring and safeties
  • Automated temperature scheduling
  • Detailed logging for sensors, alarms, and failures
  • Optional Local LCD graphic display and keypad
  • Local and Remote access using PC Monitor Enterprise

Energy Savings

  • Energy efficient defrost methods and scheduling
  • A defrost queue limits multiple zones in defrost at the same time
  • Air unit fan cycling based on temperature
  • Room fan sampling to avoid running when not required
  • Power failure restart sequencing
  • Support for peak load shedding and scheduled load shifting