Compressor Controls

The M&M compressor controller product line consists of a group of simple, hardened microprocessor panels specifically designed for the demands of industrial refrigeration.

Simple, dependable, and cost-effective.  Don’t let our “keep it simple” approach be deceptive.  Our compressor controller panels support everything needed for proper energy efficient control of your screw or recip compressor from any manufacturer.

We fully understand the longevity required for equipment in an industrial refrigeration system.  Our panels are designed and have been proven to support a 20-year life cycle.

  • All Manufacturers Supported – (M&M, Frick, Mycom, Vilter, FES, GEA, Sabroe, Stal, Howden, …).
  • Allows for Retrofitting older refrigeration compressor controls to increase energy efficiency, reliability, maintainability and functionality.
  • All Configurations Supported with Options, Options, Options – (Motorized liquid Injection, VFD Motor, Variable Vi, …).
  • Industry standard communications for integration with the outside world (Modbus RTU or TCP)