PC Monitor Enterprise

Perform any task, from anywhere.

PC Monitor Enterprise allows the operator to visualize, manage, and control the refrigeration system through a Windows-based, full client/server networked application designed for the future. The custom real-time, vector-based graphics tailored to your facility allows you to zoom, pan, and drill down to different levels, making navigation and visualization quick and easy.

The co2olest tool on the block.

Suite of Features

Customized for Your Facility

  • Zoom and pan through custom real-time graphics modeled after your facility
  • Make use of touch screen/multiple monitors
  • Access and manage every control panel in your facility from a central location
  • Manage and log control system alarms
  • Standard reports customized for your facility
  • Advanced graph plotting capabilities
  • Record every minute of operation
  • Schedule automatic reports
  • Build your own custom reports
  • Monitor equipment runtimes
  • Allow network access for up to 8 individual clients
  • Backup and restore panel setpoint data
  • Export data
  • Connect to cloud services
  • Email Alarm Notification

The Cloud

Data Integration and Remote Monitoring

Do you have a need to share your control system data with other systems? M&M Systems has extensive experience working with our customers on data integration projects. We have experience integrating data into maintenance systems, business intelligence projects, and fully custom APIs.

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All documents, drawings, and manuals are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader for viewing.

PC Monitor Enterprise


Putting You in Co2ntrol

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